Backlashes and Bankrupty = Change

Homosexual marriage will get a shot at the polls this November when New Hampshire voters get a chance to tell Governor Lynch and the liberals in the legislature what they think of his secret agenda to support their legislative homosexual marriage success.

Lynch ran for governor on being a businessman who could bring fiscal sanity and experience to our state but has failed miserably because he is weak and indecisive. We all know that now. Lynch can not run away from the fiscal disaster he helped create.

But with homosexual marriage he had one secret quest and that was to sign any homosexual marriage bill that came his way. He won round one. Congrats Governor Lynch, now we know who you really are!

The progressive/backward liberals in the NH Legislature got a ton of out-of-state money for their homosexual marriage votes while bankrupting New Hampshire and saddling us with endless regulation. Now it is time for them to pay at the polls.

I think New Hampshire voters would like a chance to vote directly on the burning political desire of the Democrat party elite exemplified by homosexual marriage.

NH Democrats know this and have seen first hand what happens when voters in other states have an opportunity to protect traditional marriage.

I think adding the spending spree NH Democrats have been on with Governor Lynch to their typical contempt tradition family values should make a nice warm stew for November 2010 and 2012.