Thaddeus McCotter Stops By

Got to meet one of my favorite Congressmen yesterday at The Draft in Concord, it was one of those extremely limited, strictly invitational, rightwing bloggers only events. Does that sound conspiratorial? I hope so. I don’t get out much and even the smallest thrills are needed for motivation.

The draw for me beside attending another conspiricy was Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter. I wrangled a photo with Congressman McCotter out of the visit for my collection. He will be right up there with the glam shot of me and Ken Starr cheek to jowel and the exclusive photo of me with Dennis Kucinich. All three individuals are probably wondering when these pics will come back to haunt them. As well they should.

Back to Congressman McCotter. I am a big fan of his from watching Red Eye, a 3am FOX political talk show most progressives will not find entertaining. Last night, for instance, they featured a minute or so of Tiger Woods in full apology mode to which Red Eye had added a laugh tack – cutting edge stuff. That simple laugh track defined Tiger Woods and his situation perfectly. No need to explore Tiger’s issue any further.

The host of Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld, delights in trying to present Congressman McCotter with uncomplicated absurdity dressed as a series of supposedly serious political questions about the insanity of our Congress in Washington DC. McCotter bats the questions back with weapons grade dry wit and useful insight into government. I love it.

Congressman McCotter had in tow yesterday a pamphlet he wrote called “We the People: Champions of Freedom.”

Should we thank Congressman McCotter for not coming to NH to sell a book but to give away a small starter program that many newly interested people looking for a short American history lesson; a description of where we are now as a country; and some suggestions as to how to get out of our fiscal mess through freedom and opportunity? Count this blogger in.

I look at political activism as a 12 step program – everybody who is addicted gets a number. Say you see the mess the country is in, you’re a 1 through 3, and want to get right to work understanding the basics and help turn it around. Maybe you want to instill in your kids the seriousness of the loss of freedom and opportunity they face in a few short years. McCotter’s pamphlet is not a bad start.

We will have some copies at our Concord headquarters. Until then you can go to “” and download what you need or find interesting.

Thank you Congressman McCotter for visiting New Hampshire and try not to laugh too hard at our current NH Congressional delegation, they will be gone soon enough.