Rangel Me A Deal Like This

As the Democrats and media in New York push Governor Patterson out of a race for governor they want one of the Cuomo dynasty to win, along comes Congressman Chaz Rangel and his ethics problems.

Chazzel Dazzel will be admonished before some phony ethic committee of the House - big damn deal. So his staffers used corporate bribe money to pay for his Caribbean trips. He will spit in the Ethics Committee's general direction and it will be over with until his abuse of low rent housing and tax evasion investigations are eventually put aside as well.

But for followers of politics as practiced in the real world check out this link, bottom of page #2:


Chaz Rangel had an insider at the DC branch of the Justice Department helping him out. It seems one Ms. Mobley was slipping info to the bribemasters of the Carib News who paid for Chaz's sun bathing at his villa.

Let's sum up what is going on here in the world of progressive Democrats holding office in heavily Democrat areas.

1. When a Cuomo wants a governorship - the Cuomo gets it.

2. So much for the blind, black, liberal incumbent - check all that "Democrats for the black man" nonsense at the door in this case.

3. Some Democrat Congressmen are just too important to let some series of never ending scandals bring down. Chaz Rangel is a very prestegious and would be re-elected no matter how many pictures there are of his bloated self on a beach sunning at corporate expense. His tax evasion is not an issue either. He is a liberal Democrat - that says it all.

4. Besides, Rangel's STAFF made the errors about the bribes - oh wait it was Patterson's STAFF that got in trouble and allowed the Dems to force him out of re-election.

5. Imagine being so important a Liberal Democrat that a Justice Department attorney would try to fix your case?

You have to admire Nancey Pelosi's Most Ethical Congress In History.

Anyone ask NH Rep. Carol Shea-Porker or NH Congressman Paul Ho, Ho, Hodes about their pal Chaz?

Remember, NH voters sent these two clowns down to DC to help make America a better place and all they do is whatever Rangel and Pelosi say.