Broken Isn't The Same As Crooked

Although you won’t see much about this in the mainstream media, New Orleans Assessor Betty Jefferson and her daughter Angela, former Louisiana Democrat Congressman William Jefferson’s sister and niece, plead guilty last week to the usual; conspiracy to commit mail fraud, aggravated identity theft, money laundering, and tax evasion – nothing we haven’t seen from elected officials before. Betty had a non-profit or two she profited from beside the assessor gig. (Let’s hope the Atkinson Police Chief’s personal non-profit elderly affairs endeavor doesn’t turn out this way.)

Democrat Congressman “Dollar Bill” Jefferson is still out on bond from his long over due 2009 conviction for, eleven if I remember correctly, fraud and influence peddling schemes. He is scheduled to attend free public housing for 13 years and as the law permits will still get his congressional pension. Guess what congress wrote that law?

Betty Jefferson was an influential New Orleans tax assessor, who along with several other Jefferson family members, used Federal and State grants to buy homes and pay personal bills. Gee, I wonder if Jefferson ever did favors for friends in the way of low assessments? (See: Windsor, NH)

Here is a list of some of the grants the Jefferson crime family abused:

A lot of taxpayers think grants just appear from nowhere and to get grants is always a good thing. But grants, just like every other form of government spending, require some due diligence, in many cases, more. Reading through lists of grants received by your NH counties or schools for instance can be a mind numbing experience and in most cases you will need someone who knows the details of a particular grant to figure out what the grant is for and if it is being administered legally.

Back to the Jefferson clan and what they represent:

One would think that after a prominent and very progressive Democrat Congressman/Chairman of Ways and Means is convicted of bribery and his sister pleads guilty to similar crimes, that story might just warrant a blip on the scandal radar screen seeing that progressive Democrat Chaz Rangel/Chairman of Ways and Means has his very own ethical, tax, influence peddling, rent control abuse problems.

Wasn’t the phrase “culture of corruption” in vogue not that long ago?

Now all we hear is a new chant: Government is broken.

I wish government was broken – then maybe it might stop working like it does.

I don’t think broken is the right word.

“Crooked” seems like a more fitting description.