History Is Great For Not Learning From

Looks like a little, or should I say liberal, house cleaning is going on regarding prosecuting foreign terrorists in civilian court.

Remember back in 1999 when Ahmed Ressam, the “Millenium Bomber” tried to blow up LAX? Ahmed cooperated with authorities and was handed a 22 year prison sentence. This was before 9/11 and there was no "real war" against the US by terrorists, just constant attacks and killings of Americans.

Ahmed Ressam was tried in civilian court because we did not have the required laws to allow military prosecution like we do now.

Surprise, in February 2, 2010 Ressam’s ridiculously light sentence was thrown out by a federal appeals court, the Ninth Court, of all courts, in San Francisco. It seems Ahmed backed out of his cushy deal and stopped cooperating. Oh well.

What a coincidence though!

Just as President Barry Soetoro’s team of former President Bush stalkers in the AG’s Office began the process of Mirandising international terrorists for prosecution in civil court where, hopefully, enough evidence can be gathered to begin prosecution of the evil Cheney/Bush Administration, a liberal court in San Francisco gets tough on a terrorist.

This light sentence, civil court gift to Ahmed, wasn’t as nice as the wrist slap delivered to one ugly mama, Lynne F. Stewart, the America-hating, Soros-funded lawyer for the first batch of New York City bombers led by the “blind cleric’ Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman.

Lynne F. Stewart was facing a 40 years sentence for using a cadre of sleeper cell terrorists in the US to send messages to the blind clerics pals back in Egypt, one of which was – you guessed it, Bin Laden. This female Michael Moore look alike used her position as the terrorist’s US civil court lawyer to help him continue terrorizing in other parts of the world while his trial was ongoing in New York. Over a thousand lawyers, law professors, and notibles of the elite world of American moonbats wrote letters in support of this beast, Stewart. They are still out there practicing their various liberal/progressive trades.

Yep, civil trials for terrorist, what could go wrong?