Putting The Con in Conyers

I know her husband probably did nothing to help or assist in this bribery charge but Mrs. Democrat US Congressman John Conyers, 81, also known as Detroit City Councilor Monica Conyers, 46, is going to jail for some 37 months – so far, for bribery.

Mrs. Conyers admitted to taking bribes from a company called Synagro. Synagro is a sludge company. How appropriate.

Crain’s Detroit Business magazine has this to say in an article about Synagro found here:


“- In Detroit, the company became blemished in a different way.

Prosecutors say a City Council vote in 2007 to approve a contract worth more than $1 billion over 25 years was tainted by a bribery scheme carried out by Jim Rosendall, who was president of Synagro of Michigan. Rosendall pleaded guilty in January and admitted using an intermediary to bribe a council member to approve the contract.

Rosendall says he delivered campaign checks to "City Official A" as he signaled Synagro's intention to take over Detroit sludge efforts. Over seven years, he says people close to the official directed him to donate $200,000 to nonprofit groups, political-action committees and campaign entities.”


Mrs. John Conyers pleaded guilty last summer to one count of conspiracy to commit bribery. But at her sentencing hearing she went a tad bizzerko and tried to withdraw her guilty plea. Mrs. John Conyers is used to getting what she wants and this must be very disturbing for her.

That tie-breaking Detroit City Council vote in favor of the Synagro Technologies sludge contract is what tripped up the Democrat Congressman’s wife – especially since she rallied against it at one time. But that is how you bargain for more in this business.

So here we go. A Democrat Detroit City Councilor, wife of a Progressive Democrat Congressman John Conyers, took bribes from a sludge company wanting to do business in municipalities. The kickbacks and bribes were directed “to nonprofit groups, political-action committees and campaign entities.”

Now there is something for everyone to learn from.