Where Are Those Waskals

NY Democrat Congressman Eric Massa is providing all of America an invaluable depth of understanding regarding how Washington Democrats work behind the scenes to get the people’s work done.

There, I said it. Now I can prove it.

Apparently, NY Democrat Congressman Eric Massa wound up in hot water back in October for escorting a young male staffer to a private dinner. I am having some trouble figuring out why anyone would worry about two grown men having dinner together.

Of all the people in the entire world to help make this private event public we have to thank Massachusetts Democrat Congressman Bawney Fwank.

Here is how the deal went down, according The Hill newspaper:

Someone on Democrat Bawney Fwank’s staff alerted Bawney’s Chief of Staff and he alerted Democrat Congressman Eric Massa’s Chief of Staff, Joe Racalto, that Massa was taking one of Bawney’s young male staffers out for din-din.

Joe Racalto has a facebook page here: www.facebook.com/racalto .

The Hill reports Bawney said this about his staffer: "Joe said that he already knew about the situation and was considering how to address it," Frank said in the statement. "I am proud of my staff for immediately responding in an appropriate manner to the information."

Naturally, Joe Racalto was concerned – who knows what was going on - so he contacted Democrat Speaker Pelosi to let her know. She isn’t that busy anyway.

Where were these highly suspicious guys when Monica was delivering pizzas to Billy Bob Clinton?

Anyway, back to how Washington works on the Democrat side now they are running things.

I tried to find out who Bawney Fwank’s Chief of Staff was and all I can come up with is Diego Sanchez, a transgendered guy. Fwank’s staff spins like a revolving door.

For the life of me I can not understand why these particular people would be so interested in a married man like Democrat Congressman Massa having a private little night out with a young male staffer of Bawney’s. Why go to all the trouble of alerting each other and Pelosi like they discovered another underwear bomber?

Time will tell I guess.

I didn’t meant time as in - TIME.

Hell, that will never happen, this is bloggers work.