Hey, They Really ARE Commie-Socialist-Moonbats!

I am always presented with the same fatalistic response from so-called conservatives who lament every little defeat at the hands of giddy progressives, had a sample this morning during breakfast with some former Barry Soetoro voters sipping coffee in the corner store. They who hated Bush so much they voted for “change” were already cranked at the jug-eared poser. Now they are almost as upset at themselves for being duped and want to pretend there is nothing they can do but sit and watch.

If you are an activist involved in fighting big government at any level this comes as no surprise.

Just five short years ago “Mayor for Life Bob Baines” was strutting around talking up big taxes. Frank Guinta spanked him on a back to basics campaign. No one thought it would happen.

There are new, effective, low tax groups starting in some of the most liberal NH towns, Henniker being especially interesting. Henniker tax and spenders were caught by surprise.

On the flip side, the liberal town of Antrim had its innovative Tax Increment Fund blow up in its face and throw them into a huge debt. They don’t look so smart now.

And then we have the national agenda of the progressives, socialists, communists, and other assorted moonbats who run the Democrat Party, exposing them for exactly what they are with the passage of a national health rationing tax.

Behind all the Botox there is real division inside their world of make believe and lies. Add to that fact America is essentially bankrupt and there is little manna from Heaven to dole out any longer.

Should small government, personal responsibility, pro-family, pro-second amendment, property rights supporting citizens, also known as patriotic Americans, be without hope? Only if they are foolish enough to sit back and do nothing.

Now is the time to join a group, help a candidate, make donations, make phone calls, buy a voter list, or volunteer for a candidate.

Our Founding Fathers dealt personally with tyrannical monarchs, military dictators, Islamic terrorists, and believe it or not – communists. They left us with a framework to defeat these blights on humanity. Even though we have traitors and con-artists holding office in DC and doing all they can to undo the Constitutional chains that bind their end game of “change” we have the upper hand should we combine efforts to beat them down.

In November, WE the PEOPLE vote. The left has had its say and now we know who they are and what they stand for.

I have listened with glee as progressives brag openly about their 70 year agenda to create a right to health care because I know that every gun owner in America knows full well it has been the progressives 70 year agenda as well to confiscate your Second Amendment rights.

Have you ever listened to progressives dismiss court imposed abortion on demand as “settled law”?

Funny how something so settled was the biggest obstacle to the 70 year progressive dream of rationed health care, and kudos to the stalwart pro-life brigades who held their ground against the Democrat Left. We now have proof for all eternity that pro-life Democrats do not exist. They are liars and opportunists who will answer for their leadership’s sins.

Liberty minded Americans had no trouble getting together in groups all over America last year and descended on Washington, DC in a 1.7 million man show of outrage at Barry and the Progressives borrowing and spending.

That freedom fever has not waned in the least. It is getting stronger and more sophisticated in anticipation of this November while the moonbats dance hand-on-hip – fist-in-air.

Now is the time to get involved.