Can't We All Just Not Get Along?

Let’s face it, once an idea or desire is planted in any progressive’s small mind it is stuck there like a tick on a Lab’s ear. It is what makes it so easy for liberals to chant at rallies and call everyone else they disagree with, or shall we just say, HATE, a racist, a homophobe, stupid, etc. You know the drill.

If you have not been involved with progressives for long you will find this out in short order.

Take for instance Sarah Palin.

The Left in America, and all their fellow travelers in the media, academia, public sector unions, whales, dolphins, and environmental secularists, jumped right to name calling and family attacks with Governor Palin and completely ignored any attempt to exploit her past record as a public official. That is how crazy she makes them.

Now we have the once again, flowering like the spring, method of Tea Party Patriots being labeled with the same old labels.

Can’t we all just agree to disagree?

So what if liberals want to hate Tea Party Patriots for any reason they hate everyone else. The simple fact of the matter is The Tea Party Patriots are going to be running this country in the next two short election cycles and probably for a very long time to come.

That is a fact. It is going to happen and progressives should lean back and accept it. If calling people names makes swallowing that reality a bit easier – then open wide.

My advice to Tea Party Patriots:

Don’t let the Alinskyites get to you. Be even MORE pro-active. After all, you are the largest example of effective community organizers since, since well, ACORN was gutted.

Be happy and make a wish list of socialist programs you will repeal, government boondoggles you will dismantle, privatize and eliminate, and amendments you will pass.

Look forward, not backward at past socialist failures for ideas like our opponents, to a time you can enjoy the freedoms associated with being an American in an America that abides by the principals found in our Constitution.

The progressives in this country are a minority within a minority and always will be. Their ideas and programs are bankrupt and people are catching on.

Celebrate their hate - double down on freedom.