Democrats And Dropped Bombs

Isn't it kind of quirky this Democrat fixation with bombing things?

No, not F-bombs, big bombs - in this case the kind that bombed themselves.


Democrat State Rep. Nick Levasseur face-booking recently on Japanese Anime cartoons:

“A prime example of why two nukes wasn’t enough”

Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley regarding The Hague in one of his famous Amsterdam series of You Tube videos:

“Hitler should have bombed it”

It sure is hard to take these guys seriously when they and their progressive pals are dropping allegation bombs of racism and homophobia (fear of boring and predictable activity) against any and all perceived political opponents.

It was just a few days ago one of the Democrat flannel-mouths, the one with the voter fraud motel on Mammoth Rd., had to sort of retract her false claim against the Tea Party patriots she hates so much.

The Democrat lie about the Tea Party patriots. You know the Democrat drill - Tea Party patriots are: (fill in the current false accusation or opposite of what they are blank) 

November can't come soon enough.