Thinking Outside The Lock Box

"states have substantial latitude and ample authority to impose reasonable regulations,"

So sayeth Supreme Court Justice Tony Kennedy in the Heller case regarding “regulating” the Second Amendment. This was the case that struck down the gun ban, wait make that the Second Amendment ban, in Washington, DC back in 2008.

Now if this is the case and states have ample latitude to IMPOSE reasonable regulations regarding a basic constitutional right, how about we do it like we do with zoning?

After November 2010 and 2012 when sanity reigns again in America each state should impose firearms safety regulations, as in: each home shall have a firearm and ammunition in working order.

How would this be different than imposing sprinkler systems or smoke alarms or having garage doors face sideways so neighbors in a development don’t have to look at your stuff.

And talk about a revenue bonanza!

Fine every moonbat progressive who is found NOT to be in compliance with the state law.

Peace officers could break down the doors of anyone who is suspected of not having a firearm – finally we get to use all those cops grant assault vehicles, and rummage through all the owner’s $600 dollar cycling outfits, home latte machines, counseling records, and Grateful Dead albums.

Would conservatives do this when they run the world again?

Maybe just for a little while?

I do like the idea that each state could produce its own firearms, within its own state bounds, and rightfully ignore Federal restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Talk about a genuine need for new machinists.