Meet The New Boss - Same As The Last Boss

The newest Democrat House Ways and Means Chairman Sander Levin (D-MICHIGAN) has already and conveniently repaid a MARYLAND property-tax credit last Friday, a benefit he was not legally entitled to. Longtime House   figure Democrat Sander Levin, who owns a second home in Chevy Chase, Md., requested and enjoyed a $690 credit on his most recent property tax bill. This $690 tax benefit was part of county program that provided one-time credits to RESIDENTIAL property owners this year. Levin bought the home in 1977 and received the “owner-occupied” tax credit KNOWING he does not live in the home. Levin is RESIDENT of Michigan. He might be expected to know he is a resident of Michigan since he is Congressman from that state. Where does he vote? What state is his driver’s license from?

Ways and Means Chairman for one day, Democrat Pete Stark (D-CALIFORNIA) just like his Democrat buddy Sander Levin, unlawfully and knowingly claimed his lakefront MARYLAND second home as his primary residence claiming a homestead exemption which lowered his Maryland property taxes. Under Maryland law, in order to qualify, the owner must register to vote and drive in Maryland. Is that too much to ask? Is that too complicated for a Federal tax bill writer? Stark is a Democrat California Congressman. Is that too much to remember? Does he remember where he is supposed to vote? During a 2008 investigation into Democrat Stark’s residency in San Lorenzo California neighbors claim to live have never seen him at the residence. Is that the definition of being in Washington DC too long?

And then we come to the second most recent past Democrat Ways and Means Chairman Chaz Rangel. He is still under investigation for enjoying undisclosed income from a villa in the Dominican Republic for which he did not pay taxes and “rangeled” from a big time NY lobbyist. There is no doubt Democrat Rangel misused rent-controlled apartments in New York by using more than he was entitled to, forcing other New Yorkers who might need financial support out of the system. Recently, Democrat Congressman Rangel was admonished by the House Ethics Committee for a minor ethical problem – flying on lobbyist’s money. That investigation revealed an unexplored by the MSM fact that a Federal Investigator tipped off the lobbyist who paid for Democrat Rangel’s vacation. She let Rangel’s big money pals know they were under investigation. I think THAT is an important issue which needs some investigation, seeing that most high ranking Democrat Ways and Means candidates are simply crooks.