I Was Attacked By Public Radio At The Tea Party

I was attacked at the Manchester Tea Party by Public Radio for the attempted use of a metaphor – oh there’s more!

Now metaphor is a big word, a six dollar word in some circles, and apparently I am not up on such high-falut’n terms so I must defend myself from the Public Radio attack on my person the only way I know how – by objectifying my attacker:

Here goes:

After speaking at the Manchester Tea Party I was approached by a “reporter” claiming it was from Public Radio.

It appeared to be a female, or should I say it had that low maintenance look some women have who find combing or controlling their hair as they get older too much of a chore.

Maybe it was trying to hide its face and the pent up sneering rage which has left it haunted and appearing ready to bite. In any case, it definitely set its beady-eyed sites set on me.

From the start it looked as though it could not hold back the urge to go for the killer question. It delivered the attack way too early for me to be lulled into any kind of sense of security. There was no small talk or soft preliminary questions as you often find in an attack like this. No it could not hold back the anger and began jabbing at me with a microphone strapped to its boney neck.

I asked it to step into an open area so no children or elderly would be placed in harm’s way and it let fly with a flurry of one single question asked over and over.

Here is the best I can remember of the attack:

It came at me with the idea that my statement, during my well received speech at the Tea Party, that we should “sharpen our spears” might NOT be a metaphor. (It seemed to think the Tea Party attendees were sporting spears.)

Then the second part of the attack: Would I ADMIT it was only a metaphor!

Now I found myself under assault by a very crafty Public Radio “reporter,” who as I said before, might be posing as a female, wielding a two punch knockout attack: Did I say something I clearly said and did it mean something it clearly did not.

So not knowing what a metaphor was I shot back the best defense I had and asked it if it thought since I had an ax with me was I going to chop people up?

It started turning on and off wildly the tape recorder strapped to its neck, apparently stunned by my unanticipated defensive counter blow.

Next it asked me why I suggested during my allotted three minutes that Tea Party Patriots should “object and resist.”

We may have to go to the tape on this but I remember asking people at the rally to “get involved,” but I can see where suggesting normal people get on a school board or budget committee is an act of resistance against Public Radio and government control of our lives. As they see it, every dollar not collected by government is a dollar out of Public Radio pockets. And how will Public Radio buy up the remaining radio frequencies in NH without more tax dollars taken from Tea Party Patriots. I mean it must be a drag to be an “almost monopoly” of all the non-profit airwaves.

No wonder it was so angry.

It’s all my fault.