You Can Indict A Ham Sandwich - But You May Eat Crow

Former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte must have had some reason for bringing in a grand jury to indict Employment Securities Commissioner Richard Brothers on a misdemeanor charge of filing false travel vouchers – but it certainly wasn’t about any money missing from state coffers or theft.

I talked to Richard several weeks ago before the trial, at which he was found innocent of all 10 of the trumped up charges against him. He was eager to get to trial.

NH state government could use a good airing out and this might be just the case to do it because so many interesting issues are there for the taking.

Apparently, some state employees who do not like Mr. Brothers were the source of all the compelling information Kelly Ayotte used to bring what looks like a political hit indictment against a state commissioner.

Who are these whistle blowers and how did they get the attention of the AG’s Office in a simple case of sloppy record keeping which will probably prove New Hampshire owes the defendant some extra mileage money?

What, the AG’s Office has some extra time and manpower on its hands to spend 5,000 pages of investigation on a political goose chase? I thought they were short handed and under funded.

And in one of the boldest moves of his political career Governor Lynch locked Commissioner Brothers out of his office as soon as the ridicules charges were made saying he wanted a ethical administration.

How are your various commissioners doing these days Gov?

It will be interesting to see if the press starts to ask about this case at future campaign stops of the Ayotte for Senate machine.

One more time:

5,000 page investigation.

Grand jury indictment on a misdemeanor.

No money stolen or misappropriated.

A man’s career and reputation in question over nothing.

Innocent on all ten charges.

The state is broke, we are borrowing to pay off loans, and this is what we have been up to.