Big Spill In Concord!

There was an explosion under the Statehouse recently.

Apparently a 17.5% liberal Democrat spending bubble caused an imbalance in a budget valve and an explosion of our state deficit and borrowing.

The Democrat spending spillage has been quietly seeping into the private sector and is now seen creeping towards municipalities. Many municipal and school budgets will be in jeopardy because of the exploding spending spillage in Concord.

And what is the Democrat response to this spending explosion and economic disaster:

“Spend Baby Spend!”

“Tax Baby Tax!”

“Borrow Baby Borrow!”

Many economists and common folks like taxpayers have warned for years about the safety of explosive spending and the possibility of a liberal Democrat spending spillage washing up on such endangered species as small businesses, LLC’s, cigarettes, family inheritances, electric generation plants, affordable insurance policies, campsites, etc.

But unfortunately, Democrats and all like minded tax and spend and spill politicians have faith in only one industry and that industry, according to them, must keep growing. That industry is government.

Liberal Democrats also favor all kinds of alternative lifestyles - except for one:

a lifestyle of living within your means.

November awaits.