Look Whose Boycotting Whom

There was in 2001 an effort, as required by law, to redistrict in the State of Massachusetts.

In 2003 a federal lawsuit brought by an organization representing minorities in Massachusetts exposed the fact that former House Speaker Tom Finneran and other legislators were involved in specifically drafting those redistricting lines, often called jerrymandering, in a fashion which would have diluted the voting power of Boston minorities. And so the federal court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.

Let’s recap.

Members of the Legislature in Massachusetts participated in a scheme meant to strip the power of Hispanic and black voters in the Boston area.

There is a longstanding tradition in liberal Massachusetts to cut anyone liberals do not want to share political power with from the political process.

So it only stands to reason that various elected liberals in Massachusetts would move to enact a financial boycott of Arizona for lawfully protecting its citizens from illegal alien colonizers who are taking over their state, taxing services, and committing crimes.

When you understand liberal Democrats this makes perfect sense.

Why minorities still support liberal Democrats is beyond me but that would be their problem.