King Of The Dumb Ideas

Just like Curly of The Three Stooges running around with a stick of lit dynamite, not knowing what to do with it, tax and spenders in Concord are attempting once again to share the pain and future they have created by over spending.

The term “knee jerk liberals” always applies when you give liberals the complete set of keys to anything – in this case, the Legislature and Governorship of the State of New Hampshire.

Curly, as you know, finally threw the stick of explosive over his shoulder, buried his head in the sand, and let it explode. His options were as limited as ours – stooges are as stooges do.

And now we come to the $200 million plus stick of deficit dynamite the legislature lit with its over-spending. Larry and Moe didn’t want it – neither should NH cities and towns.

The House and senate have come up with this most recent tax, spend, borrow and pass on the bills plan allowing municipalities to add on locally to our already maxed-out state rooms, meals and car rental tax. The reason they want to “share” in the ability to scalp tourists and anyone else who eats out and rents cars is so they can smoke and mirror their way out of 2010 and into the next biennium where a $600 million shortfall awaits.

Once again, like with the doomed LLC Tax – this progressive spending plan came with little public input.

At the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers we get to see the down side of local taxation already overseen by the Dept. of Revenue – the Town of Windsor comes to mind. The DRA wasn’t a knight in shining armor riding to the rescue when it became public knowledge that local officials there did not have to pay property taxes (for almost a decade).

There are several municipalities, Lancaster, Deering, Atkinson, and Winchester to name a few, CNHT has been involved with where we have seen assessing firms get away with inferior assessing jobs the State is supposed to monitor. Local activists had to clean up the mess.

A local rooms and meals tax would be a daylight nightmare and solve NOTHING involving the enormous Democrat state deficit because the problem is progressive spending on government.

What sane group of voters and taxpayers would give one more nickel to irresponsible legislators who were warned about a shrinking economy long before this recession hit.

Here is a plan which has a possibility of success:

Get regulators and tax and spending legislators off the backs of small business and grow the economy – not government.

Local option rooms and meals = stupid idea.

Remember in November.