The Golden Hackashute

So Grace Sullivan of Manchester Cable TV fame and shame has stumbled upon a way to enable $235,000.00 of public eduextortion money to drop into her clutches, with no heavy lifting in some chancy court case.

It is claimed that the mighty Manchester School Committee feared litigation from Ms. Sullivan’s exit from the cable station so it paid Foghorn Leghorn’s sister a smaller sum instead of going to court. Nice deal. Now every public education hack in the state will be ciphering up a scheme to have a going away present dropped in their lap for some perceived infraction against them.

But wait. Schools always win in court – or at least 99% of the time - against taxpayers when they have a beef, like school committees wasting money.

Wow, $235 large!

You know how many books that would buy? How about pencils and paper for the poor children in Manchester schools?

But it seems the Manchester School Committee had some line item they could sacrifice – from the children.

Just another day and another quarter of a million dollars in public school finance.

I hope Foghorn Leghorn doesn’t have many more sisters getting payouts. New Hampshire and Manchester children can’t afford to lose out on any more basic classroom necessities like cable TV shows.

In Concord, a few years back, the cable TV franchise moved a competent station manager out and put a Concord city council hack on the payroll as the new head. That cable non-profit runs on money from cable subscribers and is its own unaccountable entity not aligned with the schools. The little children didn’t suffer in Concord.

In Manchester, voters can remove some school committee members by ballot.

And there is no payoff for board members kicked to the curb.

Sound like a plan?