The US Senate Just Became A Better Place!

US Senate Loses Its Most Famous Former Democrat Klansman


Gone are the days when a US Senator could toss the “n-word” around with a smile on his face. Yes Democrat Senator Robert Byrd has passed to some all white golf course in the sky – but not without many stirring mumblings of support from other Democrat Senators.

One quote I found interesting was from Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller who said he had “fought next to him.”

Fought next to him?

I looked up Jay Rocko’s history and he was never in any way involved in the military in a positive sense - like served in it.

There is in the biography I researched about Dirty Byrd nothing about military service or fighting for one’s country. In fact, Byrd has been, except for his KKK days, either in college or congress. He has accomplished little to nothing on his own in 92 years.

So it must be that Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller was talking about “fighting” in liberal/progressive-speak.

It goes like this: Courage means weakness, honor means situational ethics, good means bad, (you get the pattern) and fighting means stealing from taxpayers to line your own pockets and or buy votes.

It really is pretty simple and very predictable.

Here is another example:

When as a conservative I write about race issues I have to use the acceptable and politically correct term “n-word.”

But a Democrat US Senator can just say "nigger" in the Senate chambers.

See how easy it is to be a liberal and to understand them?

Filling the empty Senate seat the senile old fool left will be an interesting show.