In A Just World Harvard Would Name A Chair For "Joe"

Americans for Prosperity and Cornerstone Action sponsored what was called the "Defending the American Dream Summit and Grassroots Training" event at Southern New Hampshire University.

I was there, wife and neighbor in tow, to see several speakers, one of whom was “Joe the Plumber” who was practically the only person during the Barry Soetoro campaign who pinned and stared the shiftless poser down with some simple questions.

As we all know, Barry promptly responded to “Joe” as any Harvard elitist communist sympathizing community organizer would – which forever exposed Barry with his unguarded and historic “spread the wealth around” comment.

It don’t get much better!!

At that moment Sam Wurzelbacher, through no fault of his own, became “Joe the Plumber” a likable label describing the idea that every average “Joe” should be able to question the president and his government.

On the other hand, “Joe” was talking to a supreme poser and imposter of epic proportions, Barry Soetoro, who had multiple transformations of his given name, origins, political opinions, beliefs, and objectives, in an effort to gain political power and game our political system.

And isn’t this the basic conflict we will play out in the next two elections.

Joe has a meaty handshake and a simple message – God Bless America, now go out and save it.

Barry Soetoro will be using the “Chicago Way” to threaten, bully, and buy his way towards a socialist transformation of “Joe the Plumber’s America” if he can get away with it.