Touchy - Feely - Mouthy - Mealy

Understanding Public Education Administration Eduspeak 101

Some may at first glance think this statement by the Souhegan School Administration was an apology for printing the school yearbook with the machete murdering students pictures still included.

Not so.

Read it carefully and you will see it is simply recognizes the pain caused by the administration’s desire for more publicity from the murder/attack committed by former Souhegan students.


"We want to say that we are extremely sorry that decisions made by our school have added to the pain and loss that Dave Cates and members of our community feel every day in relation to the death of Dave's wife and harm to his daughter ... We are deeply sorry that our decision concerning photographs in the yearbook has caused the Cates family and the community additional heartache and concern.

"We are committed to supporting Jaimie and her family through the remainder of her school years. The district has and will continue to offer assistance to the community at large to help cope with the tremendous loss caused by this tragedy."


I am, for example, always extremely sorry for the pain caused to my wife when I pull a splinter out of her finger but I still do it and support my decision to do so.

As for any further “assistance to the community” offered by the mealy-mouthed excuse for the Souhegan Administration – here is a suggestion:

Leave the school and get real jobs in the real world – as punishment for continuing this charade you call public school administration.

An apology would recognize a terrible mistake was made by knowingly putting the photos in the yearbook.

An apology would accept responsibility for the act and emotional harm caused to the machete attack victims, friends and family.

A real apology would mention the harm caused everyone by re-living this horrendous event was nothing more than feeding for your cheap thrill of more national publicity. That small, truthful detail would educate everyone at the school and the entire grieving community about what was behind this “decision”.