This Poll Ain't For Sissies

Some people mistake our “CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion” straw poll with your standard run of the mill political poll. Nothing could be farther from reality.

We run our poll on a, one voter - one vote, system generally overseen as would a traditional New Hampshire town meeting vote. No candidate can “buy” our straw poll because we limit sales to candidates.

One big difference is in who attends our event.

Our CNHT Family reunion is about as grassroots/conservative as you get, and to top it off, all the issues in this primary are issues we have been supporting since, well, forever. Our time has come. Liberals and progressives have exhausted their hope and change euphoria.

No serious candidate for any office is spouting the failed and discredited position we need more taxes and regulation to climb out of our tax and spend initiated financial problems. I would say most voters are looking for someone who appears sincere and willing to take on a tough job – state or national. Slicing and dicing primary opponents is a bit of a waste of time this year.

It stands to reason, if you are paying the least amount of attention to what voters are saying, that most voters have already made up their mind for whom they are going to vote AGAINST in November 2010 and in 2012. That ship has sailed for tax and spend incumbents.

So if you are looking for a snapshot of conservative thought in New Hampshire, the CNHT Family Reunion was the place to be - in person. We sold tickets beyond expectations without going on radio or advertising in the papers. Candidates advertised our event as well as friends in other organizations.

Think about it.

You have the most conservative voters and political activists at the municipal level all in one place AND the staff of the candidates trying to woo those voters with very similar positions, all voting in the same poll.

( Extra: In 2002 our JULY CNHT Reunion poll mirrored the results of the SEPTEMBER Republican Primary.)