What Does Fergus Cullen Have To Hide?

Here is how Fergus Cullen is described in the Manchester paper after each of his many editorial page offerings:

“Fergus Cullen, a freelance columnist and a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, can be reached at fergus@ferguscullen.com.”

Now wait a minute here Fergus.

How could you forget to mention that you are also the Executive Director of Connecticut’s Yankee Institute for Public Policy, a think tank dedicated to free markets and small government?

What in the world would be the reason you are not given your due?

When I found out you, of all people, were in charge of an organization supposedly supporting small government and free markets I could only reflect on your last job in that area – the New Hampshire Republican Party.

And how did that turn out?

Let’s see:

The only races won by Republicans during your thankfully brief stink as Republican Chair were by candidates who had little use for you.

One of my fondest memories of your political talents was when you told a group of activists I was sitting with that Republican candidates should abandon political battles regarding taxes “because Governor Lynch owns that issue.”

Your hope was that Republicans could focus on, as you said “education and the environment."

Right then I had your number.

So here we sit in New Hampshire after your whirlwind tour of duty for the Republican Party, as deep in debt and over-spending as we have ever been in our state history, in part thanks to you, and you have moved on to Connecticut to quietly run another supposedly conservative organization.

From what I can figure:

In Ct. Fergus is opposed to things like plastic bag taxes and opposed to unfair dog taxes and is willing to take a public stand against them – in New Hampshire he wanted to talk education and the environment.

In the Wall Street Journal and other select publications and web sites Fergus is listed as the Executive Director of The Yankee Institute for Public Policy – in NH papers he is listed as the former Republican Chairman and freelance columnist.

Why, it’s almost like Fergus has two faces.