A Connecticut Yankee In A RINO Trojan Horse

Former failed NH GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen has in print taken after financial filings of a Republican Primary candidate, a conservative - no surprise, in a column he wrote for the Manchester paper where his scribblings appear every so often.

Lucky me, I got an email from Fergus including the same bit of “investigative journalism.”

After 20 years as a conservative activist in New Hampshire at the local level I have run into the likes of Fergus before.

In my time I have seen several types of political animal visit the realm of small non-profits.

1. You have your “cheap liberals” who are opposed to taxes when it affects them directly. The “cheap liberals” pretend to be conservative and for small government and low taxes, if that is a way to lessen their personal burden but they quickly abandon that position when they get what they want.

2. And there is the guy who wants to “work with your conservative group” so as to get a shot at making a copy of your mailing list. We at CNHT have locked several of those types out of our office.

3. Then you have the “I thought we would get paid” crowd who disappears when the realization there is no check at the end of the conservative rainbow settles in.

4. And don’t forget the guy with the different agenda than the taxpayer group who thinks every meeting is sooner or later going to be all about his divorce or lost court case and we will charge up that San Juan Hill with him.

5. Haven’t we all run into RINOs as well. A RINO is just a liberal Democrat who may have some shred of morals and is ashamed to call himself a Democrat because so many are socialists, progressives, and moonbats.

But Fergus Cullen is a whole different animal in my humble opinion.

Fergus Cullen is all of the above and more.

Fergus is a tactical opportunist who assumed the position of GOP Chair to keep a conservative out. He has always wanted a position and career in politics especially since house painting seems to have lost his interest as tax and spend policies in Washington and New Hampshire have decimated small business.

Since his failed command of the GOP in NH offers him a miniscule shred of credibility and the interest of liberals and RINOs when he attacks conservatives, Fergus goes on the hunt for Republican conservatives as he has done in his latest article.

I say failed command of the GOP when referring to the Fergus years at the GOP helm because in the rout of Republicans in the 2008 election in New Hampshire it was the RINO’s who took the hardest hit. He actually left the GOP in more conservative hands.

I don’t think that is what he was taught to do at the Harvard School of Politics and bla, bla, bla.

So let’s ask some questions of the investigative journalist from the Yankee Institute of Public Policy Studies.

1. Where did Fergus get my email address for disseminating his sabotage article? I certainly want no correspondence from him.

2. Why does he refuse to put his true credentials at the end of his articles? Why does he mix and match his titles to suit the audience?

3. Does he write investigative articles about the finances of CONNECTICUT Republican politicians now that he feeds at a trough in that state?

4. When will Fergus leave the Yankee Institute and become a source of inside information for liberals about conservative think tanks?

5. Was Fergus the unnamed Republican source for an article in the Huffington Post about conservative NH candidate finances?

Hey, I only have a high school diploma, please, someone, help me figure this out.