I'm Lost, Like Cool

The AP is reporting an “accident” involving a rock climber from Exeter – he is probably a hiker as well – who fell 150 feet this morning and is being carried out by NH Dept of Fish and Game and Fools Who Should Stay Out of the Woods.

The article doesn’t say if seventeen year old Sean McCarthy was wearing a helmet like they often do when reporting motorcycle accidents. Helmets are optional in either case so how about some balance?

Maybe we should have licenses for adventurous hikers, skiers, and mountain climbers or seasons like with hunting. Canoes and kayaks go out all over every body of water in the state no matter how cold or dangerous. No limits on stupidity or distance from shore. I saw a moron in a canoe in Washington this April, when the water temp was deadly, who had two toddlers with him.

Trappers have to make maps of where they are trapping. How about hikers making a map of where they will might eventually get lost?

Must be nice to have a hobby that is so now and hip the fun and danger aren’t regulated out of it – yet.