Robo-call Me Crazy...But

Mercifully it’s over – the 2010 NH primary – the primary Republicans traditionally have many candidates for and the liberal Dems, for the most part, backroom deal their way out of.

I have to admit feeling a tad better about New Hampshire now that the Republican combatants have been chosen exclusively from candidates who are claiming, and/or proudly displaying, conservative values. Did you hear any RINO candidates bragging about how well they get along with tax and spenders? Mr. Binnie touched on some moderate themes late in his $6 million dollar gamble and won 13% of the vote.

Could it be a trend or a result of the electoral horror inflicted on America and New Hampshire by the lost legions of the 2008 Obama army?

My guess is it is a trend that started in NH in 2005 with the “unelectable candidate” for mayor in Manchester, Frank Guinta, who beat Mayor for Life Bob Baines.

Match that unexpected defeat of a Democrat tax and spend mayor with the resounding votes against municipal spending at March Town Meetings from 2006 – 2010 and you can see a tax revolt brewing at the grass roots level. At least I did.

Good old George Bush and his free spending pals in Congress carefully stitched together a nice long eight year fuse and Obama lit it with promises of confetti, free lunch, no war (or at least a “smarter” war or two) and racial harmony.

All voters now see is a big, fat national bankruptcy bomb in place of Hope and Change.

Willing Establishment Republicans and Tea Party Patriots have nothing to lose cobbling together a coalition based on smaller government, less taxes, strong defense, secure borders and personal responsibility because far left, academic dreamers and moonbats run the Democrat Party with one goal in mind – destroy anything remotely resembling a traditional American value or market based economy.

Funny how Tea Party Patriots have offered voters real hope for change.