Joel Maiola Infected With Fergus Cullenitis

Big deal.

A new, Republicans For (name a liberal NH Democrat candidate), list evolves right in time for another election. Is this all the Democrats have?


Some of us never quite trusted Judd Gregg’s Right Hand RINO and now he has outed himself in a last ditch effort to claim some smidgen of relevancy beyond helping and encouraging Kelly Ayotte keep his old host’s senate seat out of real conservative hands. (Too bad he didn’t write this editorial BEFORE the primary!)

Kinda shows ya how far liberal Republicans have sunk these days – trading favors with a governor who has spent NH into a $600 million dollar deficit.

I suggest everyone get a copy of Joel Miola’s editorial in the Manchester paper and read between the lines. It has some corrections which should be made regarding his claim to have always helped Republicans.

He says he will be “looking forward to helping Republicans this November.”

Joel says he has “spent most of his life” working for Republicans and the Republican Party.

How about this slight change to set the record straight:

Just replace the words: “always helped” to “always drawn a paycheck from.”

In 2011 some 20 Republicans from around the country will be looking for qualified help in the NH Presidential Primary. I imagine some have already made contact with experienced NH political operatives like Joel Mypayola.

Do you think it would be wise to see what campaign he is “helping” next?

That’s how I will make my decision regarding whom to support.