The Democrat Face Of Voter Fraud

I Googled him:

Our old vote and political sign stealing low life pal, Geoff Wetrosky, has found a more permanent place to live than in the Sullivan flophouse on Mammoth Rd. in Manchester!

Geoff is currently working for the Ohio Democrat Party! (Temporarily I assume.)

Check it out on their web site:

You can find the many locations this drifter passed through (10?) before and after voting in Manchester from former Democrat party Chair Kathy Sullivan’s home/flophouse/campaign donation for vote stealing drifters.

Remember 2005 when Geoff the Drifter was paid by John Kerry to run a campaign against Frank Guinta on behalf of Mayor for Life Bob Baines? And we still do not have, thanks to Lynch and Shaheen, voter ID in this presidential primary state.

And if you are looking for a job with the Ohio GLBT crowd  – well Geoff is hiring! (They put him in charge and you can contact him here:

As usual, Geoff has a problem with elections and laws in general.

Here is some of an article from June of 2010 by Brad Dicken of the The Chronicle-Telegram. (I highlighted some of it.)

“Geoff Wetrosky, the Ohio Democratic Party's targeting director, sent a letter to Lorain County Sheriff Phil Stammitti and sheriffs in Ohio's other 87 counties earlier this week making a public records request for a list of concealed weapons permit holders.
The June 21 request asked for the names and addresses of permit holders, as well as the dates they obtained their permits.
Stammitti, a Democrat himself, sent a letter Friday to Wetrosky informing him that he couldn't comply with the request because he doesn't maintain a list of concealed carry permit holders and that information about permit holders isn't available to the general public.
"Only a journalist can look at that stuff," Stammitti said.
Under Ohio law, journalists are the only ones beyond law enforcement allowed to review permit holders' information, Stammitti said. And, even then, reporters aren't allowed to make copies of the file or take notes while reviewing them.
Erie County sheriff's Capt. Paul Sigsworth said his office also rejected Wetrosky's request because the information isn't a public record. He said Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons, who is a Democrat, received a letter Friday from Wetrosky rescinding the original request.
"Our intent was to communicate with voters about our candidates' pro-Second Amendment positions, but we now realize such records are not publicly available," Wetrosky wrote in his second letter, which was dated Thursday.
Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Seth Bringman said it isn't uncommon for political parties to make public records requests to get information on certain groups of people so they can target those voters with certain campaign materials.”

 Here is why Geoff wanted the private documents.

Democrat Governor Strickland has an NRA endorsement in his bid for re-election! Imagine that. Wetrosky wants to sell Democrat Strickland to gun owners, Strickland – of the party of Holder, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, et al.

Ohio has lost 382,000 jobs since Strickland became Governor and he has an $8 billion dollar deficit.

Yea, go trolling for foolish gun owners Geoff. And offer them that GLBT job while your at it. I hear 17% of real Ohio citizens are looking for work.