Kneeslapping Backstabbers

There was a slight train wreck at a congressional hearing today involving some of America’s most prolific liberal clowns.

Newsmedian Steven Colbert took time from his tired and stale shtick on the comedy channel to testify at some hearing Rep. John Conyers was sitting in on.  The subject is irrelevant.

Conyers doesn’t read very well so he loves the one on one verbal action and media attention he gets when celebrities such as Colbert testify before Congress - until today.

Colbert was just as funny testifying as he normally is on his show and thought he would get as many laughs from Congress as he does with his studio audience – wrong!

Poor Conyers apparently holds the opinion Congress has a shred of dignity and was insulted by Colbert showing off in front of his pals so he asked Colbert to leave.

The result was as tragic as two clown cars in a high speed head-on.

It was kind of like November 2 will be.