After The Shooting - Jump to Conclusions

Here we go again.

Imagine the whole political world wrapped up in the shape of an animal – a baboon for instance. Right now our dear friends of the left are the big red patch under the tail. They are perfectly natural in their existence but stick out like a sore thumb. Luckily they are only a small portion of the whole.

A Democrat congresswoman was targeted and shot with a gun, along with some others, and six more innocent people were killed by what appears to be one of the left’s own and NOT a person from a rival political camp. He also appears to be quite insane.

But as we all knew would happen the left has begun the time honored national media process of blaming conservatives as though they were there cheering.

Liberals are seeking redress of this senseless act by seeking to collect some political prizes from the bag of progressive goodies they can not win at the ballot box – gun control, and a “fairness” doctrine, for starters.

So I take a logical jump to some conclusions.

Will we suffer the same national wailing and blaming when some meat plant sells contaminated products now that November 2 has passed and Republicans control the House? Will that be Sarah Palin’s fault as well?

If an American soldier overseas is once again accused of killing an innocent civilian will all of our soldiers be portrayed as potential murderers, occupiers, and torturers? Will that be the Tea Party’s fault? How about George Bush?

Should some Wall Street tycoon make a killing cheating some client did the Republicans make him do it? What was their cut of the deal?

If one business in America is found to have not been regulated until it doesn’t work will progressives scream for more regulation and blame talk radio?

Oh, I think that the standard  “never pass up a crisis” playbook is still in the sweaty hands of some who do not really care about the victims in this tragedy.