May I Profess

Yet another expert on the status of our “society” yaps from a taxpayer-funded ivory perch. This one is close to home. His name is Professor Bruce Mallory of University of New Hampshire.

He doth profess to know something about society in light of the Arizona tragedy. Here is the Foster’s article:

His professorship is exposing forthwith this jewel of knowledge based on his learned experience and thought:

“He noted that using physical actions of violence goes against our society's philosophy to be democratic, where all deliberation regarding a matter is supposed to be encouraged, and that only a commitment to such dialogue would be the answer to lessening the occurrence of violent incidents.

Mallory, noted for his experience in how societies operate, said society has become increasingly more divided in terms of politics and ideologies throughout the past few years.

As a result, he said society has seemed to have lost its concern with resolving issues and differences through constructive dialogue. Though it most certainly doesn't stand as an excuse, this, the professor noted, is key to understanding the actions of the individual who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, killed six and injured another 13 others.”

The professor goes on and on about society and the Arizona shooting mentioning society about a dozen times, apparently failing to notice that this was the act of a lone, mentally disturbed, individual who was way beyond representing “society” as a whole or in part.

But Professor Mallory is only a professor of education at a state college so he may not be able to separate his education and training, as in collecting a paycheck for repeating the progressive nonsense of a liberal professor to young, eager to please, unquestioning students – from reality and fact.

The Arizona shooter does not represent society in America. He represents a small portion of individuals with serious mental disorders and no amount of talking to him will change him or our society, no matter what Professor Mallory hopes, wishes, or can con anyone into believing he can do.

But one thing might be true about the young Arizona shooter.

Had he somehow acquired a position as a UNH professor, judging by Professor Mallory, he would have apparently looked perfectly normal and made sense to everyone on campus.