Save The Whale Of A Deal

Environmentalism is a funny religion but the bottom line is as always - the money.

Here is a pretty open and shut case of abuse of taxpayers by several of these non-profits.

In short, we have the Audubon crowd selling some “protected” land to another non-profit environmental group with taxpayer dollars so it will be protected again.

Some parcels can also be protected from any taxpayer/voter control as well thanks to some recent Superior Court decisions invalidating RSA 36-A:4 which mandates taxpayer control of land purchased with town funds. Result: Non-profit owns town land and is not subject to 91-A or taxpayer control.

Personally, I have about had it with land purchases for conservation because of all the scams I see throughout this state and others, so it is almost a plus that “conservation” money is being used to buy up the same land again. At least we still have some land on the tax rolls.

Another plus is that some people of modest means will still be able to buy land to build a home or business and not be locked out of our snob zoned communities altogether and we will have less reason to suffer workfarce housing regulations designed to let in only a certain small number of untouchables.

Maybe ten years ago I was helping start a taxpayer group in Bow. At the open meeting when I was asked to speak I was explaining how progressives lock up a town for themselves through zoning, conservation and high taxes.

Several people walked up to me after the meeting and asked about something a school board member said out loud when she thought no one could hear her. This is roughly the quote: “Once we are rid of the middle class in town we will run this place.”

There is a big difference between conservation and confiscation. Voters should pay close attention to what is going on behind the scenes with these so-called conservation groups.