State of the Poser

Barry Soetoro will deliver the most impressive State of the Union Speech ever heard by humans this week and it will include a mandatory national MSM narrative with the following talking points:

1. It has been a hard two years cleaning up the mess George W. Bush (real name) left behind. (Last time to sneak that in.)

2. Think of how bad things would have been had not a Messiah come along – one with incalculable intelligence.

3. No president in history, of any country on Earth, has handled his job so well.

4. He has heard the people and understands they want more action and “cooperation” from the Neandertals on the other side.

5. This State of the Socialist Party Presidency Speech will finally put an end to any hope whatsoever of Governor Sarah Palin running for or becoming President, zero, nada, none, over.

6. Barry has just reassured his re-election to a second term, no sense running a Reublican opponet.

7. This is a speech both liberals, communists, conservatives, illegal aliens and moderates can love.

8. Barry has finally set his course and found his voice as a man of the people.

9. In a word: flawless, inspiring, just what the country needed.

10. Bla, bla, bla, guantanamo, war, etc.