Copper Draft Dodger

A former Concord police officer rolled the dice on a superior court jury trial for skipping out on a tab at the Concord sports bar, The Draft. (Concord’s place to be if sports bars are on your go-to list.)

Former Concord Officer Brian Longabardi lost his jury trial - even though it was close. One juror was unable to continue and was replaced. That could have been a hung jury.

Longabardi must be in shock. More often than not cops with bad/drunken/viloent habits walk away from prosecution here in New Hampshire, a least as my memory serves me.

Remember the Weare police who shoved their way into the Hopkinton Fair without paying and then into the demolition derby? They walked.

In my town we had a State Trooper punch his girlfriend in the nose, and broke it, She had to drive to another town to report it and he was left five hours to sober up before police showed up at his place. Not guilty.

There was a young cop in Lee who pulled a gun at a party and a hardware store after handcuffing a woman to a door and pulling up her skirt. He wasn’t even charged.

Oh, and our police pals from Concord who were practicing assaulting each other in an empty savings bank early one morning. One was actually shot. No charges.

Add in all the cops pulled over for drinking and driving – or escaping the scene of an accident, and you almost have to feel sorry for Longabardi.