Occupoo Wall St.

Have fun protesting whatever, kids!

Get ready for the revolution and the inner city is wonderful place to start from my point of view.

Camping next to McDonald's with a credit card is a tad different than out here in fly-over country where your survival skill sets will be drastically different during the anarchy you so dearly deserve.

Yes, you can crap in the woods any time you want. So do bears.

Don't like pepper spray? How about endless mosquitoes, ticks and black flies May through September?

Try not to wander too far from the Volvo on these back roads. Scrap prices are very high.

Always have a secret meeting place for Mom and Dad to send food and pick up laundry. Bring some flagging tape to tie around a tree. They all look alike and there will not be road signs in my town I can tell ya now.

And if you see some strange wide marks in the dirt or mud about eight feet wide, those are skidder tracks - just run and run and run!