The 9-9-9 Plan

Oh that Herman Cain and his marketing genius.

The other candidates and the media may make fun of his 9-9-9 Plan but is see right through it.

This is what I hear every time I think of a President Herman Cain:

The magic number is 9. There are 9 members of the US Supreme Court.

Herman Cain would pick a real Constitutionalist and stick with him no matter what.

Two of the libs are way past ripe and are going to have to leave one way or the other. President Barry Sowetoro is not going have a chance to put another liberal on the bench unless that is what the new Harry Reid "nuclear option" turnaround is about. That would be very risky.

A President Herman Cain would unabashedly go for 9 real justices.

9-9-9, we need a majority of the 9.