If You're On The Titanic Does A Lifeboat Look Too Small?

Herman Cain’s 999 Plan is so bad it makes our current system look good?

I don’t think so.

The rub from the opponents of Cain is that “more people would pay taxes.”

So having 47% of Americans paying little or no taxes and getting “rebates” on no taxes paid at all is a sensible alternative?

Love those static thinkers.

Have you put in the anti 999 Plan equation the fact that having people vested in the paying of a limited amount of taxes to fund government may be a better way to operate than our limited time left with the “tax the rich” scheme?

We have reached the end of the line. At least Herman Cain recognizes that simple fact.

“Oh, Herman Cain’s plan doesn’t raise the revenue we raise now!!!!!” (Right now we SPEND 40% MORE than we take in!)

The 999 Plan doesn’t call for, 999…Borrow 40% from the Chinese.

For the most part I like who doesn’t like Herman Cain’s plan:



Most Media types



But Herman Cain is not afraid of using the bully pulpit to begin the next chapter in American tax policy, after the one we have collapses – as Ron Paul has so doggedly brought to the attention of Americans.

Freedomworks has a pretty fair explanation of the Cain plan:


And they argue that it would lead to a VAT tax - which would destroy our economy, ( Barry Sowetoro’s mission) while at the same time saying that voters would be shocked at the Cain Plan’s cost to “the poor.” And they come to the conclusion voters would accept a VAT Tax? Look what happened to the mandatory health insurance scheme.

What we have is a complete shambles of a tax code, politicized beyond repair and on borrowed life support.

Candidates with any reasonable, explainable plan should stick to it and forget kow-towing to the media spin.