Mission Accomplished! And the Nobel Peace Prize Goes To...

I nominate the most obvious candidate for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize - Nouri al-Maliki the Prime Minister of Iraq for booting US troops out of his country by the end of this year and thereby seeking peace in his region.

We all know this will have a progressive outcome and Iraq will have the ability to steer its own destiny without US troops getting in the way.

Finally, someone with foresight and everyone’s best interest at heart has command of the situation.

As with most Nobel Peace Prizes it would be best to hand it out ASAP before any unfortunate shooting, murder, wholesale slaughter of Kurds or Christians, establishment of terrorist base camps, or other unfortunate activities begin.

One of the last Nobel Peace Prizes was given to an incompetent community organizer who has since then unilaterally invaded a half dozen countries and dropped bombs on civilians.

Oh but who cares about that.

It was with the best of intentions.