Birds Of A Feather

Well how timely. A story about public documents:

Looks like our current administration, the Barry Sowetoro Community Organizer Chicago Way Presidency, has taken a page from one of New Hampshire’s municipalities, Durham, who just claim a document doesn’t exist.

I have this silly habit of collecting evidence of voter fraud in our state and part of that habit is collecting documents which indicate that a certain voter is not domiciled in NH but votes here.

Two weeks ago I stopped in Keene to pick up the list of purged voters as per RSA 654:39.

The Clerk asked if I wanted plastic or paper. I chose a disc but there was no one there to transfer the list so it was emailed to my home. So I now have the 2,600 names struck from the Keene voter checklist. Or as I like to call the purged list: the 2,600 opportunities to vote in some one else’s place list.

I paid ten bucks for the Keene list and everyone was all smiles.

Then I proceed to Durham on Monday.

I wrote out by hand my 91-A request and after a call by the Durham office person to the Secretary of State’s office who then claim they just called the AG, I was told they do not HAVE such a list so I can not have it.

In Keene they also called the AG before giving me the list and there was NO problem.

So I had the people in Durham write on my 91-A request that they were denying me the “list” they claim they do not have in case I have to go to court.

Until then the new game will be to request to see all the returned envelopes from the purged Durham voter checklist. These envelopes will be like the ones I have from the 2001 purge in Deerfield where it was found that 19 voters used a non-existent address on a non-existent road to vote.

As per RSA 33-A:3-a CLXI (a-m) these envelopes have to be kept by the municipality for 7 years.

I wonder what the Durham excuse will be this time for not giving up the info?

I stopped by the Durham Police Dept. while in Durham and they are mailing me the arrest logs for the best times to match voter names with out of state arrests in Durham.

The Durham Police have actually drafted a 91-A request form I can use and cheerfully comply with 91-A.

Good for them.