Last Monday - I Went To Nashua For Jury Duty!

Being a NH citizen and domiciled here as well, I am obliged to serve on a jury - unlike college voters who screw us out of that obligation thanks to the Secretary of State and the AG's Office. But that is another issue.

I received my letter stating that I was to serve on a jury at Hillsborough South in Nashua. That is where I filled out my questionnaire and received my Nashua Parking Permit for jurors.

So last Monday at 8 AM that is where I went, along with some other individuals from Amherst and Manchester.

We were told we were in the wrong court and belonged in Manchester at Hillsborough North which was just finishing its reconstruction.

And off we go to Manchester where I handed over the only documentation I had and was told I was too late to be picked for a jury.

"But I am right on time if you send me to Nashua first", I claimed. No help with that logic.

As of now I have a verbal command to appear on some unnannounced date in January.

How long will it take to a have a warrant served for not showing up for jury duty I wonder?