Rochester Is Overhauling Its Zoning Regulations

...and the public is urged to attend.

But they held hearings without notice and have kept almost no minutes for the several years the overhaul has been going on.

The Comprehensive Zoning Committee has hired and fired consultants and come up with tentative plans without the property owners getting in the way.

The City Council has not felt the pain of reading non-existent minutes or had to keep track of what is coming - unless they were at the secret meetings.

But the Committee is proud to move forward in any case.

Even though a member of the Comprehensive Committee had been placed on notice by a Superior Court in 2004 that meetings such as this were public - they sally forth, content that they are doing what is best for property owners in Rochester.

Dedicated Dictators of Zoning and Planning are always on the move, planning and plotting and scheming and hiding what they are truly doing on our behalf.

Every community has organizers such as the Rochester Comprehensive Whatever Committee.

What is your up to?