99.9% Lazy

If you haven't noticed, 99% of the laziest people in America are sleeping in the streets in of NYC around the Financial District trying to extend their alleged misery.

I think they are quite happy being in their 99%.

I know they are easily manipulated by looking at the signs handed to them to display for the more than willing media of their individual self-imposed plight. 

Did they hate the Jews BEFORE they showed up to display their street cred, or did that evolve while they were sleeping with the far left? Anti-Semitism is a constant among the far left in America as it is elsewhere on the planet.

You have to admit that the 99% make sorry-ass communists.

Real communists, not American limousine liberal ones, hide their faces with red bandannas, not tiny handouts with sad tales of capitalism gone wrong. And they actually do things like riot, not feign injury from barricade brush burns. I'll bet they have skateboard injuries ten times as bad as a shove from a cop.

Let me see...$275,000.00 on college loan debt and you are protesting Wall Street? How about the institution of preferred political opinions? Aren't you really serving THEIR goals for all that government college loan money you will owe forever? 

How smart are students protesting the people and economic engine that will give them opportuity as opposed to the institution and people who sold them an education which leaves them not smart enough to realize holding a sit-in just as the evenings begin to drop below freezing?

Or are they once again being used because lazy trumps smart.