Penn State - The New Normal?

Boy oh boy, is the Penn State/Sandusky scandal getting some air time. I think it is revealing on several fronts.

Have college students these days grown less tolerant of coaches having sex with young men under their charge, or in this case, boys?

It looks that way.

There has been a copy-cat series of female public school teachers having sex with boys they were hired to teach and the criminal sentences for that activity were relatively light, in my opinion.

So it looks like what is good for the gals may finally be good for the guys if you are a Penn State student?

If a college football coach had a habit of saying a prayer before a game – now THAT would be a scandal. And I bet there would be no riot supporting his right to expressing his religion.

But spontaneous rioting in support of people who look the other way when a coach is having sex with boys on campus?

My, how progressive we are these days.

I was listening to Boston talk radio today and the listeners were coming down hard on Joe-Pa and Penn State, which puzzles me a bit.

Maybe the Massachusetts callers to talk radio denouncing Penn State should remember their own state.

My guess is that if Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky was a certain Congressman – say his name was Gerald “Gerry” Studdsdusky, they would proudly vote for him again and again and again.

From the police reports regarding Sandusky, there seems to be little difference between his taking a minor to a college shower for sex, or Rep. Gerry Studdsdusky taking a young male page on a trip overseas for sex.

Massachusetts voters broke the “NAMBLA Barrier” with Studdsdusky decades ago and helped bring us to the new frontiers of liberalism.

And New Hampshire voters should not throw stones at Joe-Pa either. Our good voters constantly return an Executive Councilor who had an “assistant” who was caught approaching boys with duct tape, KY Jelly, and booze in his trunk (car trunk). And the approaching was with questionable intent. (Is he still in jail?)

There is always, for some, a good reason to excuse public figures who abuse children.

This is what you get.