Frankly Charlotte, I Don't Give A Damn

Republicans have a chance to do something smart.

Let’s see if they have any foresight.

My simple suggestion is that the Republican Party should buy, rent, or borrow as many porta-pottys as then can get hauled out to the various communist/Marxist/anarchist campsites in cities all over the country and extend the occupy movement for as long as possible.

Send tofu and toilet paper. Drop off some nice blue poly tarps and pray they hold out until September 2012 when the Democrats hold their convention.

The Occupys and Democrats can all celebrate the upcoming election, and their candidate, in a wild Charlotte, NC frenzy of “all government all the time.” September should still be warm in Charlotte, right?

News networks all over the planet will probably cover this mainstream Democrat orgy of unity.

Of course, the Republican Convention to be held a few weeks earlier in Tampa should be just about finished sweeping up their broken glass. And they should expect no less from the Occupy “protesters.”

Isn’t it heartwarming that Americans have elected a “Uniter,” not a “Divider?”

Let’s Party.