Bimbo Eruption Deductions

The bimbo (old Clinton term) who has accused Herman Cain of feeling up her leg 14 years ago, now has a former boyfriend chiming in about what he knows – nothing.

But he was, as far as we know now, the Bimbo boyfriend back then, as opposed to the current fiancée, who turns out hasn’t fiancee’d much with Ms. Bimbo since last February.

But the story sounded good at the time.

So I put some thought into the Bimbo Eruption. (Old Clinton term)

Cut through some of the changing story and you come up with: She, Bimbo, went to DC to ask Mr. Cain for a job just after being let go from that same organization, The National Restaurant-and-Rave About Sexual Harassment Association, thinking “This might work.”

Bimbo has worked at all kinds of jobs over the years and has a history at CBS News she hasn’t bragged about yet. I wonder why?

Let’s put all that aside and look at some current facts.

Ms. Bimbo needs some dough.

Ms. Bimbo will do almost anything for a job/career. No matter how stupid.

Ms. Bimbo lives in the same building in Chicago as David Axelrod.

You think she has ever approached Axelrod for some part time work?

So if Herman Cain IS willing, and he says he is, to take a lie detector test, shouldn’t he ask Democrat Machine Lawyer Gloria “Self Worth Issues” Alldred if Ms. Bimbo will take one as well - focusing on a few questions about working for Barry Sowetoro’s Chief of Sleaze?

Gloria needs the limelight like Dracula needs blood. And she has to drip, drip, drip, this gig as long as she did the Jerry Brown saving attack on Ms. Whitman in the Ca. Governor’s race.

Wouldn’t it be heartwarming to see a blubbering Bimbo recount the terrifying details of the Herman Cain attack, wired on a lie detector, with just a touch of interesting questions pointed at - her?

Ms. Bimbo, have you been paid by or promised something from David Axelrod for any work lately?

I find it hard to believe the Bimbo wasn’t stalking Axelrod since he was so available. She flies to DC for a remote shot a job and hasn’t hung out by the lobby to snag a job-bearing vein of political ore? Come on.

Alldread should jump with both kankles at the chance to get some more ink out of this story.

Get out the flabby arm arm sensor and the hair extension resistant temple electrodes and let’s have a go at the Chicago Machine’s lady and her attorney.