Did I Mention I Know Several Guys Who Were Coached By Jerry Sandusky?

My wife went to a college in central Pa. where Jerry Sandusky coached for one year before he went to Boston University.

So I know some guys from the Pa. college who were coached by Sandusky, specifically, several defensive players – no pun intended.

Apparently my friends were a tad too old for Jerry's specific tastes at the time or he would have had his head cracked open like an egg had he made a pass at any one of them.

While we are talking about looking inside Jerry Sandusky’s skull - how about that Bob Costas interview?

As we have learned by now Sandusky has an attorney who is sympathetic with child molestation. Now who would have guessed that would be the case. A minority culture of child molesters exists. And they are unabashed liars and completely focused on getting their way, in an almost complete psychopathic pattern.

In the Jerry Sandusky interview with Bob Costas, Sandusky admits to all kinds of “horseplay” with the kids he loves to be with.

Doesn’t this sound like Michael Jackson and his bedtime stories? Ah, but we love that guy – gotta protect the music and image created from so many awards ceremonies.

Maybe Jerry thinks he too can come off as a great guy if only he can talk to the public.

But Jerry can’t moon-walk or sing like a 14 year old from the Vienna Boy’s Choir.

Jerry does have several things going for him though:

1. A huge college infrastructure that will try to protect itself and in the process probably hide some facts that might damage Jerry.

2. A 21st Century mindset in our evolving progressive American jurors such as the Casey Anthoney jury who lost all sense of right and wrong, fact and fiction, and who willingly fell for hype from a scumbag, lying, lawyer - and judge who let him get away with it.

3. The American public and news media who think this is some sort of exciting soap opera to exploit.

I think the world would be a better place had Jerry put his hand on the leg of one of my friends long ago or anyone who spotted Jerry assaulting a boy had stomped him flat on the spot.

But now we wait for a circus court case to ensue.