I Want This Guy On My Jury!

My sources tell me that we have an issue with this Obama fella in Boston - the drunk driver.

Story here: http://www.boston.com/Boston/metrodesk/2011/11/president-obama-uncle-challenge-legality-drunken-driving-stop/tgKerluv0fSe82vSDXA4AP/index.html

He is supposed to be President Barry Sowetoro’s uncle because he is the brother, or half brother, of the Mr. Obama who fathered US President Barry Sowetoro.

Now follow along. There will be a test after the November 2012 Election when it will be much easier to find out about the background and history of our current Commander In Chief.

I hear that Uncle Obama was really born in – get ready – Hawaii, America!

Yep! Barry Sowetoro’s aunt who lives in Kenya was right there when he uncle Obama was born.

No, not the aunt who lives in Boston – she was born in Kenya. She just lives illegally in Boston, probably in the empty apartment Whitey Bulger lived in before he escaped and hid out in plain sight in San Francisco.

It’s a small town.

So Uncle Obama (real name, not an alias) is challenging his arrest for driving with a .14 blood alcohol content.

Now what is more American than that!

And proof enough to vote in New Hampshire!