You Can Make News By NOT Getting Set Up

Herman Cain has chosen to NOT sit down with the Manchester paper during his visit to New Hampshire today.

I can not blame him.

He does not need the endorsement of, or a set-up interview, with any paper or TV station.

If you are not able to tell friend from foe in the media today – welcome to the club. Give the media written materials and keep talking to voters one-on-one or crowd-by-crowd.

George Bush made the mistake of thinking an interview with a Boston TV hack was necessary and look what he had to put up with:

This hack Boston reporter has a long history of one sided interviews with candidates.

I have in my office a video this same hack did with Joe Malone when he ran against the Submarine Captain and Women’s Rights Activist, Ted Kennedy.

Malone was asked to name his favorite US Supreme Court cases and the Justices who wrote the decision.

Fat Teddy was asked to cite some of his most favorite legislation he sponsored as a Senator.

George Bush did not have campaign staff smart enough to keep him away from sleazy Boston reporters. They should have known better.

Herman Cain did the right thing.

Remember Ed Gillespie sitting down with the Manchester paper and making national news for several weeks:

The Manchester paper took from Gillespie that if he did not shut down entire departments of government, he was totally abandoning Reaganism.

I saw Herman Cain on Fox and one questioner asked him if he would dismantle any departments. Cain said he would review each one and eliminate any spending or actions that were unnecessary and go from there, and obviously some departments would be very different.

The Fox reporter said then, “So you wouldn’t eliminate any departments?”

This is so close to what the Manchester paper did to Gillespie that it is smart to not get set up because the next question, if you said you would eliminate a department, would be, “How could you shut down an entire department without looking at it in detail first?”

Herman Cain should go with instinct, just like Sarah Palin does.

You do not have to follow any pre-determined route to the Primary – especially if it wanders through a snake pit.