Like California Leon? Stay There!

Leon “The Thong” Panetta never noticed a young lady servicing Bill Clinton in the room next door when he was working for the “Cigarminator” so it is understandable that he mistakes the value of a private jet home each weekend with a seat on a commercial flight us peons would have to pay for.

Panetta gets private jet rides home to California care of the US Taxpayer but in the past infractions such as buying some collector’s stamps while on a trip put Chief of Staff John Sununu out of a similar job. Having a gutless boss didn’t help either.

Oh, and there was a FBI Director, William S. Sessions who made the mistake of bringing his wife and a few pieces of white birch wood home with him home for Christmas on a government flight. The news media camped out in front of his home until he resigned. Janet Reno and Bill Clinton did not want this guy in the FBI and this was the excuse to remove him.

I understand how valuable a bureaucrat like Leon Panetta is to our current administration – someone who can keep a secret about what goes on in the White House and who will never write a book about it.

And I am quite familiar with the lame excuses used to criminalize actions by non-Marxist/socialist/progressives in DC.

The list is endless.

But Republicans should be focusing attention like a white hot light on crooks like Panetta if they want to stop encouraging the Left from using the same old tactics on their appointees in the future.

The same holds true for Eric Holder who is as bad and criminal an Attorney General as Ramsey Clark ever was.

Conservatives should make the Left pay or live with the same lame attacks on their people until no one will serve.