Fool Me Once...

So much news for a Tuesday: Tony Rezko gets ten years in jail!

But he will not talk. They hardly ever do.

So here goes:

Rezko was a con man who dabbled in real estate and construction in Chicago and who raised money for crooked Chicago politicians such as the young aspiring Barry Sowetoro.

Barry was a State Senator who drafted the legislation that lowered the number of people on the Certificate of Need Board so Rezko could more easily buy the Board and ask for kickbacks for hospital construction.

A classic shakedown scheme.

A woman who would not pay the $50,000.00 for expanding a senior center went to the Feds and that is how Rezko was caught.

Rezko also “flipped” a property with a huge financial advantage going to our beloved President in waiting - another classic kickback scheme.

It doesn’t show much in the way of imagination. But then again it is Chicago. And that is where crooks who buy politicians learn their trade.

And poor Ms. Sowetoro, lover of our troops, was booed at a NASCAR race along with the Vice-Putz’s wife.

NASCAR fans can spot a couple phonies looking for cheap votes. Religion and guns don’t necessarily render one incapable of remembering what the Sowetoros really think of you.

And tonight it is a country western evening of classic Non-Kenyan music!!

What’s next? How about dragging out the rarely used girls for some family photos to share with America? Family Circle Magazine anyone?

Can’t have heartwarming photo ops of the Sowetoros in church with the family though. That avenue is still a bit touchy after all the years in the front row of the Marxist church with the crazy pastor.

Yea, selling the family would be all honey and spice for potential voters (since the liberals are kinda~sorta pissed at the new military base in Australia and troops in Uganda President Peace Prize Sowetoro has championed.

Americans are kind of lazy but Barry still need our votes.